The Truth About Hacking Gambling Sites

Hacking Casinos

Hacking Gambling sites

This is something we wanted to share, Hacking Gambling Sites. As a lot of people wonders how a gambling site could be hacked.

The truth is that is possible.

There is many ways on how the word ¨hacking¨ can be used.

Hacking Gambling Sites

There is hackers that steals personal information like credit cards with full details , full bank logins, even they clone credit cards to cashout in ATMs.

There is hackers that just steals from websites and keeps all for themselves.

This is all illegal hacking and you know you need to be really smart to do it. Actually nowadays these kind of people are rare to find and most of the times they are working for the big enterprises or even the most powerful governments in the world.

But there is another way of hacking that doesnt means you are stealing, but you are cheating the site.

One known way to hack a gambling site is to cheat them.

Now you could think this is stupid since the gambling is well known because no one can cheat the house.

But is possible. Hacking Gambling Sites is possible from another point of view.

The best games for doing this are the multiplayer games. It can be achieved in some casinos that allows these types of games with a tight rule:

The games you need to play must allow you to play with friends you can invite to join the game.

You know real people is playing and you also know them. You are not only playing against a random house winner software that doesnt even have a life.

When you know you are playing with real people , you know you can beat a software, doesnt matter how smart it could be. And the best part is you are having fun with your friends.

I wont explain this too much, because this is something only some people knows how to control and this is why its not yet totally fixed by the gambling sites.

But i can give you an idea.

You know all this when you play multiplayer games such as BlackJack or Roulette ( other games with same concept works )


  • There is a time when you should play tight and or tighter

  • You can take advantage of the mistakes other players make.

  • If you have a very large stack you shouldnt do these mistakes.

  • You should adjust your play according to stack size

  • When to steal

  • You can play more tables and win more


Now , what if you know everyone that is playing with you in the same table. This is actually totally possible to do online, since Gambling sites checks IP, computer addresses, macs, everything but as this is the internet you could have friends worldwide and making new friends every day and there they cant never know you know each other.

Maybe you are getting close to the idea now?

I will just end this saying… you all deposit the same amount of money, and it must be a good amount.

Now you can figure this out.

I will be posting more about this in the future, i like to see what you all have to say and what you think can be done.

I hope you like this since it is for real and is the truth about hacking and cheating gambling sites.

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