Exploit Websites with Hypertext Access

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exploit websites with hypertext

This time we are giving you something unique that allows to exploit websites by bypassing the restrictions from a web application allowing you to see the private directory.

The app is called Hypertext Access Exploit.

This app is a python-based tool that uses an exploit to reach weakness to the .htaccess files allowing you to reach the web directory without authorization.

With this tool you will be able to see the content of a protected directory in a web server ( websites )

Exploit Websites

The typical usage is as follows:

htexploit -u [URL] [options]

You have these options available:

 -h, –help
it will show this help message and exit
-m MODULE, –module=MODULE
Allows you to select the module to run , as default it will detect it.
-u URL, –url=URL
Allows you to specify the URL you want to scan
-o OUTPUT, –output=OUTPUT
Allows you to specify the output directory you want to place the results
Allows you to specify the word list you want to use
-v, –verbose
Just do a verbose

Remember this is only educational, hacking websites is not a good idea

As fas as it goes, most people in the world wide web are not hackers, unless you have the knowledge and your goal has a good reason, you should not try to hack any website, as this is an illegal act and most modern servers can track your location if you are wannabe hacker. Not to mention if you try to hack some important domain or IP.

A lot of normal websites today also have higher security than what you could think. It is extremely recommended not to try this. If you decide to use this exploit, do it at your own risk and face respective consequences.

You can download this app here:

Hypertext Access Exploit

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