Hack Smartphones Security using Penetration Tools

Hacking Smartphones
hack smartphones security with penetration tools


Hack Smartphones Security using testing tools you are able to do a lot of tasks like assess the security in a matter that allows you to reach private information from the companies.

At this time most important IT and top executives will rely on having constant access to the company data and communications, so it will be expected that employees will also have access to their respective company e-mails and system files at their smartphone mobile devices.

Learn how to attack the mobile smartphone security with a penetration tool.

There is some mobile security apps out there but this one stands out.


Hack Smartphones Security

For this scenario the companies normally have two options, giving to their employees a company owned smartphone or allow them to use their personal mobile phone to be used at their network.

This has pro and cons but the most important is the assessing to the security posture of the smartphone in the workplace, which is a critical issue.

The chosen functionality focuses on unique features to the smartphones platforms, like the functionality that uses the mobile modem instead the traditional TCP/IP protocol remote shell.

With this tool updates and some new future tools the devs hopes that the penetration testing framework will massively attract the community support such how has been seen with other penetration tools like the Metasploit.

Now we continue to the framework components.The framework consists of a management console that is a web based graphical UI, management app and a platform specific payloads or agents.

The management console, GUI and app are used to launch the new remote attacks, gathering info about the smartphones, create the social engineering attacks or just interact with deployed agents.

The management console, GUI and app can also interact with the smartphones via a mobile modem or TCP/IP protocol, in particular agents some receive the commands through SMS and HTTP.

The mobile modem based attacks and commands can be sent through an attached smartphone with management app installed or through the mobile modem connected to the computer with the management console installed.

The TCP/IP protocol based attacks and commands are sent through a web server.

The management console uses a command line interface that will allow to the user interaction with agents, allowing to launch the new attacks, view gathered info and more but without the knowledge of the commands or the exploits, using a series of menus.

The graphical user interface is the same as last one but with the difference that allows the user to interact with a GUI instead using the command line.

The associated app is a smartphone based that will allow the users to do these same functions directly from a mobile smartphone attached to the management console.

Also you can launch attacks or commands to an agent with the mobile modem having this app installed on it.

Advanced Configuration

This penetration testing framework includes a selection of functions for spanning the phases of a penetration test. When given a set of phone numbers the framework will gather information by searching the public records and databases. If the smartphone can be traced on the local network there will be a port scan as well.

The framework will search for vulnerabilities like the default SSH password for jailbroken devices. It provides a selection of remote, client side and social engineering based exploitation attacks. Those would be advanced hack smartphones security tasks.

One example, the smartphone sends a SMS to a potential victim disguised as a common advertisement that comes from vendors with a link, when the users does a click to this link they will be directed to the framework controlled web server that launches a client side attack against the smartphone browser.

You can research yourself with this penetration tool that is actually unique in its kind and pretty powerful.

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