VoIP SIP servers penetration exploiting

Voip Hacking

VoIP SIP servers penetration exploting

This tool allows to testVoIP SIP servers penetration exploiting modules at VoIP servers/networks. It manages to perform an analysis for the SIP and Skinny protocols, as well the IP Phone services using TCP/TLS support for SIP.

VoIP SIP Servers Penetration Exploiting

There is a lot of purposes for such an app but in some specific cases hackers intentions are not only profit, but damage. This app can also allow the user to prevent hackers to exploit your VoIP server, meaning you can do both things with this.

It also offers vendor extensions support, Cisco DCP snoofer and sniffer and a Cisco Skinny protocol analyzers. With VOSS exploits and network analysis modules.

You also have in hand the SIP and Skinny development libraries for a custom fuzzing and analyze modules.

This app can be also used for just fun or to get profit, that’s where hackers are the most intended for such application.

Does not matter if you are not interested in security purposes, with this app you will be able to learn how a VoIP server works out and also discover the holes in such systems.

You can get it from the source right here:


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