Maltrieve malware removal from host servers

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Maltrieve Malware Removal from host servers

Maltrieve Malware Removal  main purpose is to allow you to retrieve malware out from the source host server.

This open source app will enable the malware anaysts to retrieve the most fresh samples that are available parsing through an URL list, but the most important part is that will alow to know the hosted location.

Maltrieve Malware Removal

This will help people to manage threat intelligence related tasks.
With tasks like crawling URL blacklists for malware, supporting the Cuckoo Sandbox for detonating and sample analysis and a VxCage that allows malware sample repository management.

It was originally made as a mwcrawler fork. It will retrieve malware from some sites that includes:

VX Vault
Malware Black List / Malware Domain List

Maltrieve also includes these improvements:

Proxy support / Multithreading for improved performance
Logging of source URLs / Multiple user agent support
Better error handling / VxCage and Cuckoo Sandbox support

And the Dependencies:

Python 2 (2.6 and up)
BeautifulSoup version 4 / feedparser / Requests

You can find it here:


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