PSN hacked once again information exposed

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PSN Hacked once again information exposed

The PSN got hacked a few weeks ago but it didn’t take too long for a new hackers group to attack the playstation network.

This time the hackers exposed the PSN accounts from hundreds of customers in a pastebin sheet. This wont probably affect the entire network users but it does generates angry from Sony. It is not certain why the hackers are being so harm with Sony and other companies, since the last hack that took down their servers with DDos it was not only to the PSN , but Microsoft , Blizzard among others.


This new hacking attempt does not includes only the PSN , but other services such as:

  1. 2K Gaming studio user credentials
  2. Windows Live Email user credentials

People sometimes wonder why the hackers attacks such companies trying to piss them off…The explanation they give out is that they must stop stealing people’s money without giving them a good service in return.

The truth is that PSN, MS and other companies does charges a lot but mostly they fail in the customers satisfaction. This is hackers attempt to make them re think the situation.

Here is the pastebin sheet:

PSN Credentials and more

Most credentials will be void, but you may have luck with some.


The original pastebin has been removed, but with the help from people, it was discovered that every single login credential there was fake. Any other related pastebin found online was also fake. It seems there are a lot of wannabe kids that likes to make people waste their time and feel unsecured about their PSN accounts, somehow that’s the only goal they finally accomplish.

Feel free to comment about this new hack attempt to big enterprises.

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