Surf deep web being untraceable

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Surf the Deeb Web being untraceable

This article will let you surf deep web. As you may aware, there is something called the “deep web” apart from the common and usual internet digital world the people are able to use. Most of the sites that are being shown by the normal web browsers enter in the safe category, which means none of those will be risky or not allowed sites for governments to be displayed at people houses.

To be able to reach those kind of sites that are black listed from the normal web browsers and search engines you have to bypass this “security” by using another kind of browser , in this case you have to use the TOR browser. This is just an add on for FireFox that will allow you to reach the blacklisted sites being untraceable at the same time, it will give you an anonymous surfing IP and as well the possibility to search and find sites that are being restricted to display at common browsers.

Surf Deep Web and Be Anonymous Online

The task is pretty simple, just download the TOR Bundle from their site , install the browser and you can just start your deep search into the web. This way you will be able to see and enter websites that could be safe or not safe, it is up to you. But at least you are not being restricted anymore in your daily basis search criteria.

Some usual recommendations before you enter the deep web is to disable javascript, disable cookies and turn your firewall on. You can also disconnect your webcam since sometimes could just record you when you are there, there is a lot of hijacking used with this methods at some dangerous websites.

One tip for the deepweb is going to the Hidden Wiki, this works exactly like the normal Wikipedia but of course, with the hidden web material you are looking for.

There is no more than just dig on the Hidden Wiki to discover the dark side of the web, you will be safe enough if you take the precautions before entering any site displayed at the deep web.

We hope you like this article, as we don’t like to be restricted we want you to be unrestricted as well in your daily web experience.

Feel free to comment and add any recommendations or steps that worth’s a reading.

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mohd shaifulrudin bin m zainal

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