Hack Android Mobile Phones using Hackode

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Hack Android Mobile Phones using Hackode

There is a lot of ways to hack something but here you will know how to hack android mobile phones using the Android OS to do some hacking tasks.

Hackode developed by Ravi Kumar is an android application meant for ethical hackers, penetration testing and mostly cyber security professionals. It offers several modules that includes Scanning, exploits and reconnaissance.
It it is in continuous developing so at the time im writing this post it could be that another module has been released.

Hack Android Mobile Phones using Hackode

With some of the modules like Reconnaissance you are able to do some tasks like Google Hacking, allowing you to find the vulnerability from sites using the google dorks. There is a lo tof google dorks currently available for the following:

Passwords, Phpconfig, SQL Injection, MySQL Server and Login portals.

This is a pretty good app for hacking beginners, since it does not needs too much experience and it is pretty easy to install and use, it wont ask to access your private information to run the application either.

You can research yourself how to use this app and believe me it is pretty much fun.

Get Hackode from Google Play:



Do not download this file with a desktop computer since it wont have much effect, you have to use a mobile phone for this app. A lot of people does not figure this out, so we better say it. It can sound hilarious to even beginners, but there are a lot of people that tries to run these kind of apps from a computer. Not only it wont do anything, but you will never be able to execute it unless you are using some android emulator. Even with it, it has no effect on the main goal of hack android mobile phones.

Feel free to leave comments about this application for mobile phones hacking purposes.

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Alejandro Angel Okamura

Can you please explain how to use hackode need help don’t know how to use the app please help!!!!!


me too


I googled how to use hacked and this came up so explain how to use it!!!!


Please explain us how to use it to hack facebook

design needs

This article will assist tthe internet users ffor setting up new website or even a blog from start too end.


got same problem as the others…pls reply!


Explain.. it’s tough