Lizard Squad Attacks but are they hackers?

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The Lizard Squad Attacks

Happy Christmas to our readers.

These past holidays the Lizard Squad performed a new attack to the Sony, Microsoft and Game Servers worldwide. It seems that this people really wants to be heard or they are just messing with these companies to get attention.

The real fact is that performing a DDoS without any other goal than messing with a company is useless. They are not hackers, doesn’t matter people call them hackers. Doing DDoS is not a hack, it is just a messing up to a server sending virtual fake traffic for the goal to collapse the server.

Lizard Squad Hacks the PSN

They are nothing than people that wants to mess with huge companies, since they are not fixing or changing anything. Probably if they keep doing this it will have less effect in a “war” they want to start.

Hacking is meant for other goals and mostly is used to take control of something, not to mess up something.

We believe that people that likes to mess up things are just people that are seeking attention. Since if they even get caught they wont have any win on their hands, just a messed up server that is going to be fixed at the time they are caught.

Honestly this is just a kids game, we wanted to post this article to explain to the people that the Lizard Squad attacks are not hacking attacks. At the beginning it was fun and you can just go with the funny story, but at this point its just confusing real hackers with a group of people messing with an international company for a little while, actually they are messing with the customers. So it will be no one’s win here , just a mess up.

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Paul Morel.

Agreed I hate it when people think they are “pro HAXXORZZZ” when they are just skids seeking attention.