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The computers DDR3 Memory hardware hacked ! If you are already a hacker or you want to be one, you already know what DDR3 means, but for the newcomers we are going to explain this first to be able to fully understand the article.

DDR3 is a type of memory used in computers, which means Double Data Rate 3. This is the main system memory most used in modern computers and laptops.

As we speak, some people found out a really incredible vulnerability about the DDR3 technology and no surprise they used it take control of the victim computer.

Computers DDR3 Memory Hardware Hacked with Exploit

Basically this hardware based exploit works like this:

The DDR3 memory being used in a computer running Linux, gets an exploit from another computer and they take control of the whole system. Sounds surprising and at the same time terrifying , since most people actually have this kind of memory in their systems, even if they don’t know anything at all about PC Hardware.

This mainly happens thanks to a manufacturing mistake most commonly known as “Bug”. This generates a hole in security to the computer that is running with this hardware installed.

The task Rowhammer is basically an attack that will exploit the hardware weakness in a type of DDR3 chip and in consequence it will give you control of compatible PCs that are using Linux as the Operating System. It elevates the system rights to foreign users allowing you to perform a kernel hack.

This hack writes and re-writes the system memory at the point it finds this manufacturing bug and starts to give control to the foreign user.

If the victim system is using ECC memory, it will only be effective until a certain point , but using this kind of memory wont really make your system immune at all as it cant protect you against massive bit flips all over and over, as spamming attack it will just fight this to death.

The only way for a system to be immune to this kind of attacks is the new DDR4 memory. So , if you really want to be totally safe is really recommended to upgrade to DDR4.

The fact is that this cant be fixed with a software patch or anything using binary code, since this is a hardware issue. Born with the bug, dies with it.

Another fact is people knows there is a lot of datacenters and servers all over the world that are not going to do an upgrade to DDR4 systems for obvious reasons, so this kind of attacks can be the new century biggest hack ever, as computers ddr3 memory hardware hacked is something a lot of business people won’t like.

We will continue this article soon in another update.

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