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You have to protect BTC transactions ( Bitcoin ) since this is E-Money for excellence today, but it has a flaw, it can be tracked completely.

This means anyone with interest can trace your BTC transactions and see your financial movements, as the transaction history is being recorded in the block chain and it will be publically available for everybody that wants to see a particular transaction, this means BTC is not as anonymous as most people may think. Some parties could be interested in someone’s transactions and they can look up this info by just knowing your BTC address.

When the transaction history is discovered you can actually find the person, as it will be connected to a bank account , a credit card or any other tracable financial service.

To avoid this you have to use a BTC mixer.

Protect BTC transactions with a Mixer

We recommend using TOR Browser + Bitcoinfog, this service provides anonymous proxy by using TOR and a mixer to send the bitcoins to their pool and other users Bitcoins, providing impossible to trace BTC money transactions at the end, because it is impossible to prove a connection between a deposit and a withdraw inside their service.

You only need to register a free account at their website and deposit bitcoins to their designated address. After some network confirmations, your money is registered on your Fog account, and you can schedule withdrawals. Each withdrawal will be split in a random number of payouts, depending on the amount, and the relative size of each payout will be randomized as well. Even the timing of those payouts will be randomly spread out over a period of time you will specify.

Ideally you should deposit an amount of bitcoins to the Fog, wait some time (for amounts above 100BTC we recommend a day, above 300 BTC a couple of days, about a week for 1000BTC, etc.) and request a withdrawal, which will not have the same amount as the original deposit, leaving some funds in the Fog.

Then you should deposit another batch of bitcoins and withdraw yet another amount, again different from the amount you have deposited. This time it can be lower than deposited, or higher, adding the funds you have left from the previous deposit. This way there is no practically reliable way to do statistical analysis on the block chain and link your deposits to your withdrawals.

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You can go to this web address with the TOR browser to enter Bitcoinfog website:

Feel free to comment about your BTC mixer experiences.

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