PS4 Jailbreak incoming

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After 2 years from the launch of the Playstation 4, the hackers were able to do a preliminar PS4 jailbreak, not completely, but it is how it starts.

They found a way to exploit the kernel of the machine for Ram Dumping and allowing the console to run home-brew games or utilities that are not signed by Sony.

This is just how it starts, they need to figure out how to manipulate the kernel to allow commercial games to be played, this can take some more time, but at least in the coming weeks you could get the first CFW for the PS4 that allows home-brew testing outside the legal PSN network limitations.


We are not surprised about this to happen, soon we are likely going to play free games with the PS4, knowing this console sold millions and it was a record breaking selling machine worlwide, with the jailbreak we dont think Sony is going to get so mad like when the PS3 got hacked. For a heads up on how happened with the PS3: Playstation Jailbreak Wiki

This time they have sold a cheap hardware unit with record sales worldwide  , if it gets a fully working jailbreak, they will just get more consoles sold worldwide, wont really affect the company sales at this point.

Keep in mind both the PS4 and Xbox One are x86 architecture with really cheap components, jail-breaking these consoles , will even get more sales for Sony and probably, Microsoft.

Currently there are some little home-brew advances on the PS4, tests are going to be public soon, so be in touch with our blog.

We will publish how to perform the preliminar CFW for the PS4, we believe it will be only possible with a specific official firmware though, as it happened with the PS3.

As you can remember the Playstation 3 jailbreak was possible due to a bug found in some initial firmware, with this gen it will happen the same way, or at least that’s what it looks like.

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That’s good news, ps4 games are too expensive and there is a lot of DLC to buy, cfw is the way to go.