Instagram Hacked Selfies are now public

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Recently a researcher just got Instagram Hacked, he was just doing a security task to check for holes and flaws in the system and found out a how to access almost everything from the host, Source Code, cookies and auth keys and SSL Certificates but you may think this is not relevant to the end user?

You are wrong, because Instagram is a huge social network that apart from nice pictures, it also offers private pictures most of the times in complicated situations for the users,  E-mail credentials and personal details.


This is when the Facebook guys got mad at him, because he shouldn’t be able to see all of this, ironic right? Instead of giving the guy a huge prize, they got mad and began a sue.

This is why hacking is so much important, because it can be used in favor of companies, when people reacts like this, they are just annoying the bad hackers out there.

Knowledge is something that always has to be rewarded, when what you know to do is valuable to someone, in this case a whole company security.

Wort part is that the bug was found at a Login cookies, which means how the host remembers the login details. Now that you know how he did it , it sounds like a bad joke, but that’s exactly what happened.

This was possible thanks to 2 problems:
The remote execution code to get at the bug was a success thanks to 2 main problems:

  1. Sensu-Admin Web Application that was running had a hard coded ruby secret token and in fault of the Ruby version, he found a security hole at the Ruby cookies sessions.

  2. When this happened, he was able to make the server puke users credentials instantly , despite the encrypted passwords, he succeed cracking a lot of Instagram accounts and Facebook employees.

This is an example of how you can’t get mad at a hacker for showing you a solution, since basically this is what happened. Wesley Weinberg just became the Big Brother from the internet now.

He is able to see your beautiful selfies that you took in entire complicated situations, which means he is like the a binary god. Actually, i’m going to take a selfie now, but i will think twice on uploading it to Instagram.

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