Steam Servers Hacked by SkidNP Security compromised

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Steam servers hacked

And here we go once again, Steam Servers Hacked. In this year’s Christmas holidays, the new SkidNP hacking enthusiast group took down the Valve Steam Servers as promised on social networks. A lot of people thought they were going to do nothing, but the fact is the guys succeed on their task to avoid customers using the service.

Steam Servers Hacked

A lot of people started to complain about the Steam reliability on Twitter and other social networks, which we believe is the reason the people begins DDoS campaigns to bring down companies like this. They don’t like to get less than what they pay for, and this is a way they have to show to the company how they feel.

This happens worse at the PC scene, PC gamers asks way more quality content and services than the console counterpart, meaning there is people using computers are also able to know better how to protest. When the Lizard Squad took down PSN and Microsoft servers past year, they were aiming for these companies, but they also did it to some PC games servers.

This time the whole impact were focused on the PC scene, as Steam is actually the pillar on the market for this platform.

It’s time for the companies to re think how to treat their customers or this will keep happening worse and worse. Most in the PC scene where the users are not being respected by most developers and companies, throwing them bad ports, unfinished games and almost zero exclusives.

They aimed for Steam since that’s the way to keep the most attention, they actually succeed as the entire world is talking about the steam servers hacked.

The picture went even worse than denying service, some steam users said they were logging as other users, compromising the whole company  security reputation by showing Valve’s database was actually primitive in terms of users privacy protection.

Let’s remember again, despite the term hacked or hacking looks amazing on paper, DDoSing is NOT HACKING. It’s just a way to send virtual traffic to a server to take it down.

Steam, PSN, Microsoft and some others should begin to pay more attention to the social networks instead only doing a money making enterprise. Customers should get what they pay for, to avoid problems such as this one.

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