Facebook Accounts Hacking Methods

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facebook accounts hacking methods
Learn how to avoid threats with facebook accounts hacking methods

Do you know the Facebook Accounts Hacking Methods? Learn and avoid to be hacked.

There is some ways hackers can perform Facebook accounts hacking, in the past it was easier than today. A hacker can choose different ways on how to retrieve your Facebook credentials and get inside your most private information, since FB today is a social network that most of people interacts with family and closer friends, and some others also manages their business.

Most popular method to use is the Phishing attack, which mainly means they simulate a login page that looks exactly as the official, most advanced users never get fooled by this technique these days, but some inexperienced people can still bite it. Once the victim just logins, the email and password is instantly recorded in a single txt file and then the hacker just needs to use the same and there you go, your Facebook account is completely compromised with a simple hack.

Other easy method is the Key-logging, where the hacker first needs you to open some link with the Trojan inside it, when you do this it gets installed on your computer allowing the hacker to access your key typing.

It will show every single key you type on your keyboard and basically you get the idea. Hackers gets the logs via FTP or just by email. These Trojans can also be so effective that even the most advanced users bites it.

Now we go to another method, the Stealers. Those are used to retrieve users credentials stored in the browsers cache, most people just saves their passwords when the browser asks if you want to save the credentials to avoid losing time every day, we all know that 90% of the Facebook common users always saves credentials on their local computers. With stealers on existence, this is a really huge security issue in terms of Facebook accounts hacking.

Now we have a method that can be performed on WiFi connections. A lot of Facebook users logins to their account in public places or WiFi spots, when these are not using SSL ( HTTPS ) for login task, the Session Hijacking method gets alive. It works by accessing the browsers cookies on these unsecured logins. It can also be performed on public LANS.

Along with the normal Session Hijacking also exists the SideJacking with FireSheep, that it has been very popular among hackers since 2011.

Basically works only on the same WiFi network, if you are using your Facebook account on the same WiFi network than a hacker, we strongly recommend you to change your passwords every time you do this, unless you know the user you are sharing the network wont hurt or is your grandpa. You get the idea.

Today, most users logins to Facebook with their smartphones. This is useful since almost everybody with a FB account is using their mobiles to upload photos, posts or whatever to their accounts instantly when it happens.

The problem with mobiles without a good layer of security is the Bluetooth function and other flags common found on most mobiles. Hackers can get inside your mobile and then use spying software such as Spy Phone Gold. Then your mobile is completely compromised, not only with your Facebook accounts hacking threats.

If you are on the same DNS as your hacker, then you got into a huge problem. Being on the same DNS means the hacker can just forward your login page to his fake page in a matter of seconds, and then he just makes you login there without you even noticing it.

Now we have a method that can be used by people with access on your personal computers. The USB hacking can be performed by just plugging in a simple USB stick with a program that steals every single browsers stored credentials. So we recommend you to take a look at who you invite to your house.

We know about a lot of people doing party that thinks they are going to play some new amazing music that is not on youtube or spotify ( let us laugh a little ) and then there is no music because the USB is not working, whatever and whatever, they got your credentials. Anybody can do this, even the most inexperienced user ever.

Another LAN method is the mainly called man in the middle. If the hacker is in your same LAN network he can change the gateway and then get all redirected to his place in the network, this means your login page.

Last, there are BotNets, but those are not frequently used for Facebook accounts hacking, since it needs most advanced and expensive gear. A hacker using botnets such Zeus, wont really care about your Facebook credentials, it will go for something better, where your FB account is like a joke. You can be safe from botnets, unless you are some serious person with a public Facebook profile, that most of times, never happens.

You should not try Facebook Accounts Hacking

If you have come to read this article to the main goal to learn how to hack a Facebook account, then you should be warned is an illegal act. Recently even an Instagram senior developer went to legal issues and got a sue from Facebook Company.

You can read here about this:

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