Use Neteller Mastercard on Amazon Digital Content

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Use Neteller Mastercard on Amazon Digital Content
Learn how to use Neteller MasterCard on Amazon

Use Neteller Mastercard on Amazon

There is a lot of people that wants to know how to use Neteller MasterCard on amazon since their service is going massive and more popular every month and a lot of people with Amazon accounts wants to know if you can use your NET+ Virtual or Plastic MasterCard on to make purchases without any verification issues.

Digital content on Amazon is really wanted worldwide for it’s low fees and instant delivery service with unlimited stock.

Using the Neteller MasterCard would be easy and practical since it does not need any bank involved in the middle, and it also lets you control your statement in the most advanced way possible in your Neteller history section.


Let’s go with the tutorial step by step.

  • First of all you need to register a Neteller account if you don’t have one yet. Go to:



  • Add Funds to your Neteller account

After your account is setup, you can add funds to it by any of the specified options in the deposit section. Neteller now also supports Skrill deposit too.

When your account has got money on it, you can just ask a virtual NET+ MasterCard instantly by clicking on NET+ menu at the left. You can have up to 5 NET+ virtual credit cards with a verified account.

  • .NET Virtual Card Setup

When you have got the credit card number , expiration date and CVV Code, you have to give it a holder’s name, we recommend using the same as your Neteller account holder, but it can also be the name you registered on, despite it can be a fake name there, it will work anyway.

Make sure you write down the address you used on Neteller, as this will be your “billing address” for the MasterCard on

  • Using Fake Information ( Optional )

The tricky part, is that you can use a fake billing address. Meaning it can be from anywhere in the globe and it can also be fake if you decide to not verify your Neteller account. With unverified Neteller you can do a $500 maximum purchase until they ask you to verify. Using a fake address and an unverified account can be useful if you want to be anonymous on your NET+ transactions anywhere, with the negative point that you have a top $ 500 spending’s, and if you decide to verify that account, it wont be possible as you have used fake information to register and also purchasing.

  • Setup

Now that you have got the NET+ Virtual MasterCard configured and live, you can start to use Neteller MasterCard on Amazon and register an account if you don’t have one yet. You already know where to go right?

Inside your amazon account go to Your Account – Payment Methods – Add a Credit or Debit Card

There you have to enter the .NET credentials. Make sure you enter the same address used in Neteller as billing. Enter the Name and Last Name used in your NET+ and the expiry date.

When all is typed correctly, just enter it.

  • Purchase Digital Content on Amazon outside USA ( Optional )

A lot of people wants to use US site to make digital purchases like Games or Codes for example, since the pricing is really low and without any taxes, except some.

If you want to use Neteller MasterCard on Amazon US site to purchase digital content, you have to use an US billing address on your NET+ card , surprisingly you don’t have to use this address on your Neteller signup. You can just create an US real billing address for your account and then select it as the MasterCard billing.

We recommend using an Oregon real billing address and connected to your name being used on the MasterCard inside your amazon account.

To do this, just use VPOST [adinserter block=”2″]

Inside Vpost, just create an US virtual post address with your NET+ Holder Name, they will give you an Oregon US billing address to use on your Amazon account that is real and pointing to your Holder’s Name.

When you got it, just enter it as the billing address for your NET+ Card, if you already added a billing address when you entered your MasterCard details, just add a new address in Your Account – Manage Addresses and 1-Click Settings

Now for the first time purchase you can use a free VPN Proxy USA to be 100% safe in the transaction, we recommend using HotSpot Shield. [adinserter block=”9″]

By default HSS comes with USA Country, without having to pay Premium. So you are ready to make a digital purchase on Amazon and it will work just fine. If Amazon asks you to choose United States as shopping country, just do it.


After the first successful digital purchase, you wont have to use a VPN again on that account

Congrats, you have an Amazon.COM US account completely configured to use Neteller MasterCard on Amazon and make digital purchases outside USA, you can also purchase any other item on amazon with this setup, we mention this just in case.


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This is good tutorial, i didnt know how to use neteller with amazon, some weeks ago ive tried to use a visa vcc and it didnt work they rejected it asking for verification and stuff. With this method works fine, thanks it was very useful.


so i can buy any thing off amazon with this hack for fre ANSWER BACK PLZZZZ

joe carder

whAT ABOUT USING THE NET+ CARD in the real world,,any safe way of doing that ..or any other safe ways to use on other websites