TUTORIAL: Completely Hide Identity to Be Anonymous Surfing 2016

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how to hide identity to be anonymous surfing
Learn how to completely hide identity to be anonymous surfing

Learn how to Completely Hide Identity to be Anonymous Surfing in 2016

Hide identity to be anonymous surfing in 2016 is a must do and there are many ways to do it in favor of your privacy and security online.

You can join Anonymous methods that goes from hiding your browser history from the ISP to block people to know your IP.

With this tutorial we are going to let you know every bulletproof method to completely remove your trace on the web when using computers or mobile phones.

  • Remove Every Trace Record from your Devices and Operating System

Before surfing online remove cookies from your Web Browsers, delete History and sign out from any social media and websites with login options to remember.

When every potential tracked signals are gone from your system of choice, you have to choose the right browser. Not every browser is enough and reliable in terms of high quality anonymity on the web, the reason common web browsers are not ideal to hide identity is because they need to know what you do. When they get information about your searches, your interests or even your social media signals the information is used to give the companies an idea on what is most popular. Literally, your privacy is used for marketing purposes.

Nobody likes to give enterprises your privacy just because they need to learn how to rank better, or worse how to sell more. They don’t give you a dime for revealing personal interests or even if you like or not some Facebook fan page. If you don’t take action, they get information from you without your authorization or concern. For this reason you have to choose a good browser that does not allows such practices.

  • Use a Reliable Full Anonymity Web Browser

If you ever wanted to join Anonymous in a quest for free speech or any reason that could have come to your mind, if you allow companies to reach you and also trace every single second of your browsing, then we are sure the Anonymous hackers wont really like you.

To completely hide identity to be anonymous surfing online you have to use the right Browser. We recommend you using the most famous TOR, but with some precautions and steps to follow for each Operating System and device.

  • Windows TOR Browsing

For the Windows and computer platform, download TOR and install it. When done, go to the settings and deactivate the JavaScript and Cookies, this is very important.

If you want to be even more safe, you can tell No Script to disable JavaScript as well. This could affect your browsing experience on sites that requires JS, if you are not going to use the Deep Web or get inside underground places, we recommend you to leave No Script as default.

  • Mobile Phone TOR Browsing

When you like to surf the web using your smartphone, you have to be sure not to use the default web browsers or any popular either.

To reach hide identity state on mobiles, you need to also deactivate the Geo-Localization feature on your phone settings. This is important, because every single thing you do on your phone is being tracked using algorithms that shows and sends data through the web history on your smartphone to almost every company on existence. You don’t want that.

When Geo-localization is turned off, you have to choose the right browser. We recommend to use Orweb: Private Web Browser

For the Orweb to work you need to download and install the Orbot Plugin.

Orweb allows you to surf the web by disabling completely browsing history, so you don’t need to be worry about cookies deletion or traces you can leave in your phone that you forget to remove.

It also allows you to control how cookies works on sites you visit and also features a high quality JavaScript and Flash management to prevent attacks and such common threats on mobile devices.

  • Mac TOR Browsing

For the Mac, you only need to download TOR and follow simple basic steps to prevent identity leaks when surfing.

Be sure you have the latest updates on your Mac hardware drivers along with software. Turn on your Firewall, this is important step.

Unlike the Windows and Android OS, the Mac is really unlikely to receive viruses attacks, but you should consider disabling JavaScript and Cookies just like with any other platform common procedure to completely hide identity and success in your top privacy surfing.

  • Use Quality Proxies along with TOR Browser

Every advanced user or hacker, indifferently black or white-hat, needs a Quality Proxy along with the correct tools and web browser. This is not a recommendation, for us this is a must do.

Most people relies on the basics but lacks the most important aspect to success in completely hide identity online.

The Proxy allows you to add another layer of security and privacy to your bulletproof anonymous state on the web.

For your Proxy selection, you have Freebies just like Proxy.org

Despite being free, if you have the necessary patience you can find a good proxy to work with in your surfing session. Be sure the selected Proxy does not leaks your identity, most freebies uses anonymous methods to only hide 50% of your identity online. The other, just leaks.

To be 100% safe you have to use Paid Quality Proxies, because with these you will never reach an issue in terms of data being leaked through your platform and network connection.

You can choose from different options here, this website allows you to purchase random Private Proxies for not a big cost:  MyPrivateProxy.net

If you want to save more money, you can opt for ipfreelyproxies.net

When you have selected your preferred Proxy, you are ready to be Anonymous Surfing with a really high anonymity level. But that’s not the maximum tier.

  • Use VPN Services

To reach top-tier hide identity state, you must use High Quality VPN Services. These works with unbreakable servers that sends data encrypted all over the net, with the option for you to choose the City, State or Country for your IP. You have to know that some paid VPN Services logs what you are doing online, so you better purchase the ones that do not do this. After all, if you don’t want companies to trace you, why you would allow a VPN Company to know your surfing? For this we recommend to choose the right ones following the criteria.

For a good list of paid VPN Services you can use this website: BestVPN

When you have followed every first steps on this tutorial, installed TOR and added a high quality VPN Service, now you are Top-Tier and you would Join Anonymous without any problem. Except you won’t, but that was just a joke.

  • Optional: Use VPS Servers

In terms of servers, in 2016 you can find another cheap and reliable option for your surfing needs: The VPS Servers.

Not everybody is aware that you can actually purchase a virtual computer on some hosting company that runs with a private and fully customized IP and Server of your choice.

Most people thinks those Dedicated Servers costs a lot of money, and the reason is they do. But in the present days you can purchase a VPS Server with the potential of a dedicated one, with tons of RAM and CPU Cores, with almost 20% the price or sometimes less. These VPS Servers runs a virtual computer with Operating System+Web Server+Web Panel+Unlimited installations depending your platform of choice with an unique IP for your maximum privacy. You can even install SSL Certificates on it.

The plus with VPS is that you can even choose an Off-Shore Hosting VPS that will not only hide you better, but it will also prevent DMCA claims, if you decide to run a web or anything that you like, but that is other field after all. The reason you should use a VPS is that you can actually buy really cheap configurations to do whatever you want from a location that is real, but not yours. You can surf the Web using a VPS, that counts a lot for completely hide identity online.

  • Optional: Use an Anonymous Online Money Exchange and Payment Processors

Whenever you need to do electronic money exchange or send or receive online payments, you must also know that almost every wallet or payment processor completely tracks your financial movements. If you also want to hide identity and also prevent financial data leak, you need to make use of an Anonymous Online Money Exchange method.

For this task we recommend the use of different wallets and currencies.

Maximum Privacy for sending and receiving money is Perfect Money. This Web Wallet not only allows you make transactions completely anonymous but it also gives you the chance to register with a fake name, fake address, everything fake. Sad you can’t fake the money itself, but nothing is perfect, despite they called it that way. This is another joke, just in case.

Other plus is this wallet also allows to have a BTC ( Bitcoin ) account now, as you may know BTC is the top-tier anonymous currency to date, along with other similar sub currencies that works the same way.

You should be also aware that if you don’t use Perfect Money for the BTC transactions, using the Bitcoin address by itself is not a good idea, as today you can actually track a BTC address and even see the entire history movement publicly. For this you can use a Bitcoin Mixer.

Now you are ready to be fully hidden online

Consider checking this article through the year as we are going to add new methods if any and every new year we will update it to current standards.

We hope you are satisfied with the tutorial on how to hide identity to be anonymous surfing. You can comment below, or on the Forums.


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