How Hackers Use ATM Skimming to Crack Credit Cards

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How the Hackers Use ATM Skimming to Crack Credit Cards
Today Hackers Use ATM Skimming to Crack Credit Cards

Hackers Use ATM Skimming to Crack Credit Cards

In today’s world hackers use ATM skimming to Crack Credit Cards with the help of specific gear and a simple printer. It mainly consists by using a 3D Printer to generate a device that has to be attached to the ATM with the goal to copy the credit card information and send it over WiFi, GSM or Bluetooth to a nearby laptop or computer being used by the hacker.

This is similar to the Carding act, but by completely cloning your credit card plastic, with the advantage to withdraw funds from any ATM in the world.

Some skimming devices are really hard to spot, due to the high quality 3d Printer generation. It is known a lot of people never gets caught when using ATM that they are being skimmed.

There are a lot of methods on how to use ATM Skimming to fool customers without them knowing it’s presence. A lot of people says if you cover they keypad the hacker wont be able to retrieve your data, that is not exactly the truth. As skimming is constantly evolving, the generated keypad is almost impossible to detect to normal customers. Even the bank employees could not see the change if they see it.

Skimmers can crack Visa Cards, MasterCard, Amex, Discover and basically any credit/debit card in the world.

If you are already surprised on how easy hackers can get your credit card cracked, you will get even more shocked when you realize people are selling these devices on the Internet for a really low cost, considering the criminals that buys those, are going to use it to steal people’s money.

Some examples for ATM Skimming Devices:

  • NCR
  • Diebold
  • Bluetooth or GSM ready for nearby control.
  • Pre Installed and ready to use
  • Battery works for 2500 swipes, that’s a lot.

There are also more complete kits with the card reader:

  • GSM or Bluetooth Skimming Device
  • MSR606 Card Writer with 100+ White Plastic Credit Cards ( Ready to be printed on and cloning your own credit card )
  • One PIN PAD. This is the keypad your are going to use when being skimmed
  • Cost can be from $ 1400 to $ 2500, it always depends the vendor reliability. Shocking.

atm skimmer devices msr606

When you are a skimming victim and you don’t use your credit card too frequently, exists the possibility that when you check your statement it will be completely drained out. This is why banks always recommends to check bank statement every day to avoid issues. This won’t protect you from skimmers, but it will help.

Another recommendation is to always use ATM’s on heavily crowded areas, where skimming devices can’t be placed easily, like important malls. In fact, those places are commonly free from skimmers.

You can also use banks messaging systems to let you know every transaction to your smartphone and also inform if max withdrawal have been reached. This can help a lot since if you receive a message saying you have reached credit card limits and you are sure is a fraudster act, you can inform instantly to avoid future complications and investigations, and in consequence a lot of time with your money and account being locked out.

As you can see, the 3D Printer Skimming is a powerful threat for your financial security. Despite banks told they are preventing these devices to be installed by applying security to their ATM, hackers can’t be stopped. The reason? Technology evolves and also hackers.

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