Gaming Piracy Scene Going to Disappear

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Gaming Piracy Scene is dying
The Judgement Day for the Gaming Piracy Scene

The Gaming Piracy Scene seems to be dying, no more cracked games?

Gaming Piracy Scene is taking a huge hit by struggling to find out how to crack games. There is a new protection called Denuvo, created by the Austrian Company Denuvo Software Solutions GmbH.

This protection for games is so difficult to crack that the legendary Chinese piracy release group 3DM recently announced their retirement from the Gaming Piracy Scene at least for a whole year.

3DM is very well known for cracking games such as FIFA 15 or GTA V, to mention some. Their forums are heavily crowded every single day and this announcement shocked their fans.


They said that there is a possibility to come back cracking games if only they can find more information about the protection and how to deal with single player games.

The retirement can lead to a big impact on sales, since if you can’t pirate it you have to buy it, even if you don’t play online. This time around if you want to play a single player campaign you must buy the game.

Despite 3DM are well known crackers on the piracy scene they couldn’t crack FIFA 16 and Just Cause 3, both remains untouched and the reason is very simple: they don’t know how to crack the Denuvo Anti-Tamper Protection System.

That is the exact reason for this shocking announcement. Big sales are going to take place on the Gaming Scene soon, because not every piracy fan is aware of this issue yet, but soon everybody will be informed globally.

Steam sales are going to take a huge beneficial hit as well.

We ask you this question now: What if every single player game starts to use the same protection or even a better and improved one?

That would mean all games, any genre is going to be impossible to crack. Nobody knows for sure what is going to happen since Piracy existed from Day One. Some experts says Piracy is there for a reason.

A lot of companies have tried to stop the Gaming Piracy before with some DRM techniques, but none so effective like this last one. Maybe the Gaming Piracy Scene is facing the judgement day? Is only a matter of weeks to find out what is going to happen with your pirated games.


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