Free Spotify MP3 Downloader ID3 Tags

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Download the Free Spotify MP3 Downloader
Free Spotify MP3 Downloader with ID3 Tags

You always wanted to find a Free Spotify Mp3 Downloader? We have the solution.

With Spotify on constant grow most users forgot about MP3 Format. But the advantage of having a Free Spotify Mp3 Downloader relies on device playback.

MP3 is the most used music format to date, it happens to be low sized and very easy for playback on any device. With Spotify you have an online database that also needs internet connection to work, with MP3 you don’t need it.

Using MP3 you can also create your own albums with ID3 Tags and pictures to show up on almost every multimedia device created to date. If you want to have the full Discography from any artist you can also do it since MP3 format makes it possible to fit on even the most cheap USB device.

Having Spotify as source for MP3 is really advantageous, that is why they do not offer you to download any track. The Piracy on music scene always existed, but with streaming services people are completely forgetting about having offline unrestricted possibilities.

Using Spotify is good when you have Internet Connection and a good 4G Mobile Plan with decent signal. The other limitation is the interface, if you don’t like it there is not much you can do about it.

Why using the Free Spotify Mp3 Downloader is a better choice?

Customizing your music listening experience is something you must not allow to lose, even if you like Spotify.

This leak involves a legit and tested app to allow you to download any track with the ID3 Tag directly from a Free Spotify Account. It does not have to be Premium.

Most of the times you are going to get a 160k Bitrate MP3, this is beyond the average in listening quality.

You can use the X86 or X64 version from the App.

First you have to run Start.bat from Windows Explorer or by using the CMD Command Line.

You have to allow the firewall and a new window will open showing this below:

How to use Free Spotify MP3 Downloader
Spotify MP3 Downloader Interface

Now Login with your Spotify account. Important: You don’t need a premium account, just use any Free random account and it will be fine.

  • Drag the Spotify uri/url on the designated box {e.g: open.spotify/track}
  • Click Download.
  •  Wait for it to reach 100%.
  •  All mp3 files will be found in the MP3 folder. {e.g: /location/sdl64/mp3}
  •  Enjoy your Spotify music now on MP3 Format.


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6 Comments on Free Spotify MP3 Downloader ID3 Tags

prateek said : subscriber Report 3 months ago

why is it asking for password. if i dont hve the password what use is it

hckleaked said : administrator Report 10 months ago

You must register, if you use google+ click on the google+ logo here at comments. It will popup google registration process, create an account and that's it. You can also feel free to register at the forums: We also have the leaks downloads thread for forum members.

Rosemarie Flores said : subscriber Report 10 months ago

cant login lol

Will Bash said : subscriber Report 11 months ago

another quality post, the downloader worked like a charm.

Adam Grayson said : Guest Report 11 months ago

This Spotify Downloader is the first that actually works. AMAZING!!! And super fast too. I downloaded a whole playlist with photos and everything. Thanks for this.

hckleaked said : administrator Report 11 months ago

Download Leaks are only available to registered HCKLEAKED WORLD users. You can register to our site from the Sidebar Registration Menu or on the comments section using Google+, Twitter, Wordpress or Yahoo accounts.