Windows Startup Manager and Process Tweaker

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Windows Startup Manager Tweaker Tool
Download the Windows Startup Manager Tweaker Tool

Prevent Malware and Virus by using the Windows Startup Manager & Process Tweaker

If you ever thought about an app that allows you to see what Windows runs when loading or even letting you see the hidden processes when your windows loads up this is what you have been looking for all this time, the Windows Startup Manager Tweaker.

Windows OS can be exploited to load plenty of harmful processes and scripts in the loading time. The only problem is you can’t see what is going on in the original and commercial version.

Sometimes for your own sake you have to be sure what is loading in the back, since when the windows finishes loading, every process and script that was hidden is already running and live when you surf the web or use your common daily applications, programs or games.

To avoid unwanted scripts and processes to load up on windows boot you need an application to see exactly what is going on, then let you remove, uninstall or delete the full path script or process.

There is a new leak program to solve all these issues, here you can see the screenshot of it:

Windows Startup Manager

In the current state it supports:

Startup Folder
Scheduled Tasks

Other Features:
Saves log.txt to directory of the startup manager!
Hidden Startup Detection

As everybody knows a hidden process or script can also be a trojan, spyware, malware or even a harmful virus. With this tool you prevent your computer to load up unwanted stuff when your windows boots.

This is a must have today with so much attacks going on and files all over the web, even if you use a good antivirus software some scripts and processes remains hidden and you can remove those before any antivirus can see it.

Keep in mind you have to know what you are removing from the windows boot, you can’t just delete every process. Before you do anything try to research what is doing every command showing up at your own windows loading time.


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