How To DDoS Latest Tools and Methods

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how to ddos tutorial

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You always wanted to learn how to DDoS using the latest tools?

We have got this covered.

Distributed Denial of Service is a method or act utilized by a lot of people to protest. Well, that’s the common sense description, though the higher percentage of people uses DDoS just for fun and see how servers goes down. If you want to learn methods on how to DDoS, you should know DDoSing is illegal and nobody is going to defend you when caught.

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DDoS Basics

DDoSing involves a computer sending several paquets, requests and queries to a server. But it wouldn’t work with just one computer sending the denial of service, not only because the internet connection is going to collapse first than any other computer/server but because is only one. That’s why there exists Tools pre configured to work in multiple connected devices and instances.

People can coordinate a DDoS activity on social networks today, when they are a lot the impact can be huge.

The DDoS basic tools can be launched by a lot of people at the same time. This is where you meet the “squads” or “groups” at social networks. Most of people that likes to call themselves hackers, are only kids with basic DDoS software but with a huge advantage: They are hundreds. 

When a basic and simple DDoS tool is launched to the same target by hundreds of people at the same time it will probably spam the server so much that it will finally collapse. Keep in mind this won’t really work with big sites/servers. For that kind you have to use heavy underground DDoSing techniques and tools.

Nowadays medium traffic websites/forums/blogs are using a really advanced servers with Anti-DDoS shields and firewalls, you won’t have any success by trying to DDoS those with basic tools. Even with you can find 1000 friends to use the tools on a target.The firewall on those servers is going to stop it intermediately by blacklisting the attack source.

Others are using a first layer that works as shield for the main site and you also have the famous “Re Captcha Challenge Page“.

Advanced users are not going to use common DDoS tools, instead they choose for IP Stressers.

That’s why you are not on the right track if you only learn how to DDoS. You need the right gear.

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James Chaisson

i didnt know about the HOIC and LOIC tools being a botnet trojan, this is really good info

Decrypt It

very interesting. This mean anybody can be ddosing without even know it.