Hack WhatsApp Latest Methods

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hack whatsapp latest methods

Everybody wants to know how to hack whatsapp properly, we will give you different latest methods to do accomplish with the task.

If you ever wanted to know how to hack whatsapp we are giving you answer.

Sometimes you need to get into people whatsapp and find out information, read conversations or even see media files. There are different reasons you would need to do this, we won’t discuss this here.

If you are wondering if hacking whatsapp is even possible, then the answer is yes. You can hack it easily by following some tutorials we are going to show below.

Options to Hack Whatsapp:

  • Hack Whatsapp with Whatsapp web ( This is the Easiest method)
  • Hack Whatsapp with call forwarding ( Needs little skills )
  • Hack Whatsapp with SMS
  • Hack Whatsapp with database stealing ( Needs medium skills )
  • Hack Whatsapp with RAT (remote administrator tool – It needs high skills )
  • Hack Whatsapp with mspy (similar to above but paid one – It needs medium skills but as said, you have to buy it)

1.Hacking Whatsapp using Whatsapp Web:

The most easier option you have to hack someone’s Whatsapp and read their messages.*You need the victim mobile in your hands for at least some little seconds.

The Method:

Step 1  Open Chrome Browser on the victim mobile and open web.whatsapp.com

Step 2 – Click Settings In chrome browser and then Click on “Request Desktop Site”. Be sure it is marked.

hack whatsapp web

Step 3 – Visit Web.whatsapp.com once again and it will bring you a bar code you can scan:

whatsapp bar code hacking

Step 4 – Leave the tab open on your device and hack your victim’s mobile phone.

Step 5 – Open the Whatsapp on your victim’s smartphone and then click on settings then select: “Whatsapp Web”, as exposed here:

whatsapp web hacked

Step 6 – This will show you a message and you must scan the bar code from your computer.

whatsapp barcode computer hacking

Step 7 – Now just open the barcode page on your device ( read step 3 ) and now scan the code from your victims mobile.

hacking whatsapp tutorial

Step 8 – You are now successfully logged in to your victims Whatsapp from your device.Now you can hack anything you want from your victim’s mobile.

victim hacked whatsapp mobile

We are going to add new methods this week. Stay tuned.



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etu moja

i want to know if you off your phone and and on it again it is still going to work and for how long can his hack last…because i find it difficult how it still going to be on for you to get all thats happening in the victim’s whatsapp

Alex o

nice ,really nice tutorial