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pokemon go map

Want to find the best pokemon out there? Use the Pokemon Go Map Tool and find the most rare ones!

You only need the Pokemon Go Map tool to find everything you always wanted in Pokemon Go.

This live map tool that has been recently released by mchristopher allows you to find the pokemons in the google map.

It’s currently only available for OS X, Linux and Windows.
As a plus you can check the pokemon go servers current status in case you find problems when you are trying to login right here – http://hckleakedworld.com/?goto=eyJsaW5rIjoiaHR0cHM6XC9cL2dvLmpvb2FzLmNvbVwvIiwicG9zdF9pZCI6MTIwMX0=

If you are offline the live map won’t work at all, so be sure you are always online.

To make it work all you have to do is finding the location in google maps and just add the latitude+longitude taken from Google Maps.

Now it is time to chase the rare pokemons pretty easy.

To be able to download the working Pokemon Go Map Tool release and without any virus just complete the below offer and register to our website.


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