Download Working VISA Master Amex Credit Card Number Testing

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Download Working Visa Credit Card Numbers to test payment processors

Are you looking to download working visa credit card numbers for testing purposes? We have got you a good arsenal.

Whenever you need to test your website payment processor or just for security testing you always need to download working visa credit card numbers, this is where we give you the chance to download at our website in a daily updated basis free Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover credit cards.

Keep in mind this credit cards are not good for carding, if you are looking for carding fullz register at our forum and join the underground elite. If you do not know what carding means check out our Carding Tutorial. Carding is illegal and also using other people’s financial information. This website does not encourage illegal acts, instead we give you the necessary knowledge to avoid fraud and protect yourself online, what you do with this knowledge is up to you.

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What kind of credit cards you can download here?

Every credit card when the holder stops using it keeps alive in the system for a while, meaning it is still valid and it can still be used to test payment processors. It is not recommended to use these credit cards at commercial online stores for several reasons, but the most important: Fraud. Using people’s credit cards is completely illegal and you should not use the cards at any retailer.

The leaked credit card numbers we are going to allow you to download are selected for testing, not to profit or steal people’s money.

You can find here Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover Credit Card Numbers, despite the article title showing only VISA.

We are going to update this article in a daily basis to give you the chance to have more new credit cards every day for your testing needs.

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Please take some time to read the FAQ:

  • Question: The credit cards you give us here are full balance?

  • Answer: We don’t have any information about the balance amount. The credit card numbers posted here are selected for testing.
    We believe most will be already empty, but you could have luck. Remember you can’t use any credit card number here for shopping purposes, only testing.
  • Question: Credit Card comes with CVV and Expiry Date?

  • Answer: Yes, every credit card comes with the security code and expiration date.
  • Question: If i download a credit card number i will be committing fraud?

  • Answer: No, because every credit card here is selected for testing, mean it is already out of the system.
  • Question: Do you sell credit card numbers?

  • Answer: We don’t sell any credit card numbers, though there exists real hackers that sells fullz and dumps. Selling credit cards is completely illegal.

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Leave feedback here and we will send you the info updated for 2018.

PASSWORD FOR ZIP FILE: hckleakedprivatedatabase


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This is the second time we launch the leaked working visa master amex discover credit card numbers for testing list. This time try to understand you have to support our work and complete the offer to register and download the list. Only E-Mail / Mobile PIN confirmation is needed, not much of a hassle and we will keep on updating the list daily for your enjoyment. Enjoy HCKLEAKED.

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where to find hacker to buy transfer? please tell