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Bitcoin Earning has never been so easy, Bitkong arrived and is just amazing.


You know there are a lot of Bitcoin Faucets out there but this one stands out from the rest.

The main reason ? You can double your bitcoins in a matter of seconds and withdrawal is instant to your blockchain address.

The game is based on a ladder where you have to find where is the banana, if you fail monkey shi##t appears! But hey, the game is addictive and winning low amounts is extremely easy.

The ladder has got 3 difficulty levels : easy, medium and hard.

On the easy you got 3 ladders with much more chances to find your banana, but payout is lower on each step.

On the medium ladder ( favorite ) you have 2 ladders. You can take the winnings on your first winning bet or continue to go higher. When you win on the next you win a lot more and so on.

On the hard ladder it’s back to 3 ladders where payout is much higher than on the easy and medium when you win more than 1 step. But… it’s harder.

We recommend to play on the medium 2 based ladder and bet on the first step to double and take out. When you got enough bits just go doubling your bet until you reach at least 2000 bits where you can withdrawal. 

2000 bits = 1.55 USD !

Think about how much you can do everyday. It’s not hard at all, it could be your daily income if you have the correct behavior and mentality. 


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