Top Up Your Credit Card With Bitcoin

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top up credit card with bitcoin

Want to top up your credit or debit card with Bitcoins? We are here to explain how to do this.

Bitcoin has grown a lot this last 2 years. Today is the most reliable cryptocurrency and for most of people the future of money.

Credit and Debit Cards also rules the world, having access to a card loaded with Bitcoins sounds really promising and exciting.


Today you have some good methods on how to use a card loaded with BTC and purchase anywhere you want, you can even withdraw from ATM’s.

For the public we are going to give a simple option: Coinizy.

For the private vip members we provide the best solution ( Your own credit card plastic to load up bitcoins and use it anywhere in the world )



With coinizy you can generate virtual credit cards ( VCC ) . The good part is you can top up your Coinizy account with Bitcoins and then add it to any card you have generated with the site.

Each card has a 0.50 cents cost. You can have up to 3 VCC until they require further verification.

The VCC can be used to purchase online, anywhere using your bitcoin funds.

As simple as it sounds.

Keep in mind this method does not work for ATM’s or POS Purchases, as Coinizy only supplies a virtual card.


Option 2: Get a Plastic Card and load it up with Bitcoins.


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