Underground Black Market




Welcome to The Underground Black Market section where people can deal with any vendor and leave feedback. This section is only for registered users.

We allow real and legit hackers/sellers to promote themselves by registering to our site. People can leave feedback but is not allowed to post any illegal stuff on this page. You can deal for services such as Transfers or Fullz, Dumps, Skimmers, Shipping or anything you may be seeking for only on this section.

If you are more into Forums you can use the Forum Black Market thread, that is also only for registered forum users. For the Forum go here:


To enter the Black Market at the Forum, you have to register or you won’t see the thread at all.

We HCKLEAKED WORLD are not involved with any of these vendors, sellers or hackers. We only want you to have a good place for black market deals, but we do not sell anything and we don’t get part with anybody selling illegal stuff.

We have decided to create a members only page for Black Market purposes as there is a lot of ads by vendors anywhere on the site. They comment everyday with ads promoting their work but is not a good idea to make it public neither is good for the community and articles.

If you are a real hacker/seller/vendor/group you can promote your work here and offer services.

Anybody that is registered on our site can leave feedback, if you are a scammer, fake or a wannabe kid you will be banned for life from our website and others, since we control a lot of hacking forums and websites out there.

As a recommendation, we did this just because we know some real hackers, but there are the good hackers and the evil. If you deal with a hacker you should know what you are going to do and of course, you already know is completely illegal.

If you are fine with the rules, you can post in this section and look up for your dealing needs.

The Underground Black Market is also free speech, but do not spam the comment section or we will have to ban the recurrent people doing this.


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