Underground Black Market

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Welcome to The Underground Black Market section where people can deal with any vendor and leave feedback. This section is only for registered users.

We allow real and legit hackers/sellers to promote themselves by registering to our site. People can leave feedback but is not allowed to post any illegal stuff on this page. You can deal for services such as Transfers or Fullz, Dumps, Skimmers, Shipping or anything you may be seeking for only on this section.

If you are more into Forums you can use the Forum Black Market thread, that is also only for registered forum users. For the Forum go here:


To enter the Black Market at the Forum, you have to register or you won’t see the thread at all.

We HCKLEAKED WORLD are not involved with any of these vendors, sellers or hackers. We only want you to have a good place for black market deals, but we do not sell anything and we don’t get part with anybody selling illegal stuff.

We have decided to create a members only page for Black Market purposes as there is a lot of ads by vendors anywhere on the site. They comment everyday with ads promoting their work but is not a good idea to make it public neither is good for the community and articles.

If you are a real hacker/seller/vendor/group you can promote your work here and offer services.

Anybody that is registered on our site can leave feedback, if you are a scammer, fake or a wannabe kid you will be banned for life from our website and others, since we control a lot of hacking forums and websites out there.

As a recommendation, we did this just because we know some real hackers, but there are the good hackers and the evil. If you deal with a hacker you should know what you are going to do and of course, you already know is completely illegal.

If you are fine with the rules, you can post in this section and look up for your dealing needs.

The Underground Black Market is also free speech, but do not spam the comment section or we will have to ban the recurrent people doing this.

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32 Comments on Underground Black Market

Mena Saleh said : Guest Report 5 months ago

I need a hacking whatsapp program for iPhone

hckleaked said : administrator Report 10 months ago

The Forums are growing fast, we recommend everybody to register to the forums. There is a Black Market thread there with much more activity. You can also promote to Premium or VIP to get better privileges. http://forums.hckleakedworld.com

Phill Astra said : subscriber Report 10 months ago

i will give it a try

Eric Baker said : subscriber Report 10 months ago

xenolith, can you show up on the forums please? you are not there yet, it would be a good way to expand

Eric Baker said : subscriber Report 10 months ago

i can surely recommend spheris, i had a deal on the forums with the guy, as i mentioned there im not used to say what i buy from vendors though he is reliable.

Spheris Vendor said : subscriber Report 10 months ago

Yes i do transfers to the United Kingdom only in GBP currency, charges are in US Dollars. Email me in the next 3 hours if you need one today.

Leigh Blackwell said : subscriber Report 10 months ago

What about transfer to UK? I need gbp transfers immediately, do you provide? Im ready to deal if you do

Spheris Vendor said : subscriber Report 10 months ago

Spheris Vendor 24/7 Services Worldwide WU Transfers service. No WU card required. $ 1000 transfer charge is $ 250 $ 2000 transfer charge is $ 300 $ 3000 transfer charge is $ 350 $ 4000 transfer charge is $ 450 $ 5000 transfer charge is $ 550 Skrill,PayPal,Perfect Money,EgoPay,Payeer,Bitcoin,Neteller Electronic wallet transfers. Instant Transfer. $ 500 transfer charge is $ 150 $ 1000 transfer charge is $ 250 $ 2000 transfer charge is $ 350 $ 3000 transfer charge is $ 400 CC Info All Data Included with SSN if apply and MMN. Bulks only.Charges: For US/CA/AUS/ASIA 10 bulk charge is $ 200 15 bulk charge is $ 250 20 bulk charge is $ 300 30 bulk charge is $ 400 European bulks charge is $ 50 more each. United Kingdom charge is $ 100 more each. Shipping electronics worldwide from newegg, ebay, amazon, alibaba. Items up to $ 1000 charge is $ 300 Items up to $ 2000 charge is $ 500 Items up to $ 3000 charge is $ 650 More services just email any time. Contact E-Mail : [email protected]

hckleaked said : administrator Report 10 months ago

The forum thread is now private only for registered forum users. The whole idea to have a private section only members Black Market is to avoid fakers and constant spam. You can use this section or the forums for any dealing needs. Just read the rules first. Any dealing with hackers is illegal. HCKLEAKED does not sell or get part with any vendor. If you find a real vendor then your deals are at your own risk.

Eric Baker said : subscriber Report 11 months ago

hey forums are now working and i started a thread for black market, you can check it here: http://forums.hckleakedworld.com/viewtopic.php?f=35&p=4#p4 I thought it is a good idea to have black market thread there as well on the main site, people like me likes forums better. Hope admin likes the idea

Eric Baker said : subscriber Report 11 months ago

it seems there are a lot of kids and african fakers that's why are hard to find and identify, every serious hacking site should be like this.

Sean Marcus said : subscriber Report 11 months ago

finding legit sellers is not easy this is going to be helpful for the community it looks promising you got my +1

David Kline said : subscriber Report 11 months ago

hey this is useful. i deal with xenolithcoding right now for transfers. He also shipped to me 2 laptops with fedex

TheT Rex said : subscriber Report 11 months ago

Jeff, you can post the rippers emails here that is what is supposed to happen with this section not only for meeting legit vendors. just let us know who ripped you and everybody can see it as a warning

Jeff Jeff said : subscriber Report 11 months ago

Hello Bro; or should i say my Business partner,though i have been on forumz looking for a good business partner has Alibaba or who can do banktransfer,or have dumps. Till now got ripped by 9 people who promised would send after i send money,they disappear or never talk to me again.them convince me to send little money they will do transfer or give the login, till now no one of 6 ever replied,so i wont fall for that again,if you are interested you can do little money to verify my loyalty,then we start business,please i don't need timewasters or people not serious,only real biz men pleasz. icq 668140931 or yahoo [email protected] only serious people please.

Jacob Bakken said : subscriber Report 11 months ago

still, i want to see other sellers. I know there is a lot this site should leak soon more

Nick Stanley said : subscriber Report 11 months ago

i just discovered this addition to the site. Very nice! Is good to have a black market. I bet fakers wont even show up here.

Mirac Spier said : subscriber Report 11 months ago

man check the email i have a new guy in Belgium that needs your services tomorrow, sorry to post it here but you seem to be busy now.

Mirac Spier said : subscriber Report 11 months ago

bookmarked to check everyday

Sean Marcus said : subscriber Report 11 months ago

hey nice section, good thought.

Roger Clément said : subscriber Report 11 months ago

yeah, xenolith works pretty damn well. I have been dealing for some months with the guy, the only prob with xenolith are the 2 transfers a week condition. I know i sound like Todd White bitching about a real vendor hahaha good to see this section i will personally leak some good stuff here too.

Stephan Bell said : subscriber Report 11 months ago

whats wrong with you? xenolith is awesome you always want more and more wtf.. whatever, i want to meet other hackers but most are fake.

Todd White said : subscriber Report 11 months ago

Xeno is good vendor i also deal with him for paypal transfers.. but listen.. i would like to meet others though because is not good to have only one option just in case. Nobody knows any other vendor??? I will keep on dealing with xenolith coding as he is working very well and never fails to me. Despite all that, having more is also cool. Plz leak others.

Влад Безруков said : subscriber Report 11 months ago

Greetings from Dalmatovo Russia. Xenolith is known over here very well, i recommend.

Kyle Nix said : subscriber Report 11 months ago

Senior hacker, a lot of people already dealing with this guy anyway, so far is the only one for me.

Xenolith Coding said : subscriber Report 11 months ago

[-*-XENOLITH CODING-*-] Western Union / PayPal Transfers Worldwide / 1 hour delivery time. $ 1000 costs $ 200 $ 1500 costs $ 250 $ 2000 costs $ 300 $ 2500 costs $ 350 $ 3000 costs $ 400 $ 3500 costs $ 450 $ 4000 costs $ 500 $ 4500 costs $ 550 $ 5000 costs $ 600 Africa and Asia is also available. It can be done with Security Questions. Drops available. Electronic Wallet Transfers up to $ 10.000. International Bank Wires and PayPal Personal/Business Accounts. Credit Card Details [CVV FULLZ] Fresh-Full Info SSN-MMN-Phone Etc. Can Sell Track 1 or 2 Separated. International Shipping for Electronics Worldwide. Contact: [email protected]

James Chaisson said : subscriber Report 11 months ago

i spent a lot of time and lost money looking for vendors on the web, this website looks like the solution. It has got a lot of fans everywhere that means something too. I will help with the feedback.

Gab Zuniga said : subscriber Report 11 months ago

i got here referred by a friend, cant wait to meet the legit sellers.

Zak Elliot said : subscriber Report 11 months ago

in 3 years i only met two real vendors, i guess is not easy to find them, thats why i like this

TheT Rex said : subscriber Report 11 months ago

are you guys sure for letting "everybody" post their services on here.. i mean... there is a LOT of fakers, it would be a mess and a problem, but if that helps to get ppl to know the real hackers im good with it.

Adam Grayson said : Guest Report 11 months ago

I'm dealing with one i found here but i will wait until the guy posts his ad . It's good to have a place for this, not everybody knows where to go for this kind of stuff.

Charles Kelley said : subscriber Report 11 months ago

thats good idea would like to reach the real vendors