Download Working VISA Credit Card Numbers For Testing

Download Working Visa Credit Card Numbers to test payment processors
Download Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover Working Credit Card Numbers for Testing Purposes

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Are you looking to download working visa credit card numbers for testing purposes? We have got you a good arsenal.

Whenever you need to test your website payment processor or just for security testing you always need to download working visa credit card numbers, this is where we give you the chance to download at our website in a daily updated basis free Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover credit cards.

Keep in mind this credit cards are not good for carding, if you are looking for carding fullz register at our forum and join the underground elite. If you do not know what carding means check out our Carding Tutorial. Carding is illegal and also using other people’s financial information. This website does not encourage illegal acts, instead we give you the necessary knowledge to avoid fraud and protect yourself online, what you do with this knowledge is up to you.

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Credit Cards Can Be Charged Without Security Code

how credit cards can be charged without security code
Your credit cards can be charged without security code

Did you know your credit cards can be charged without security code? It happens to be possible.

Common procedure for online transactions involves all security measures to avoid hackers fraud, but in the real world Credit Cards can be charged without security code.

If you are used to buy stuff online, you already know most retailers asks you to fill out Credit Card Number, Holders Name, Billing Address and CVV/CVV2/CSC Security Code Number with expiration date to allow the customer to purchase.

The needing for a security code at the time of an online purchase has a reason to avoid hackers or unauthorized people to use financial data from holders.

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Credit Card Dumps Track 1&2 Definition

Credit Card Dumps Explained
What are Credit Card Dumps ?

Credit Card Dumps and Magnetic Stripe Definition Explained

In a financial credit card dumps there are 3 types of tracks where the information is stored in the magnetic stripe for industry use. These is what hackers calls DUMPS.


Track 1 is coded with DEC SIXBIT and the ODD Parity method.

The information is stored in different formats that goes from A to M.

The “A” is only used by the bank itself, so you don’t to take much attention to this letter.

The “B” is where the holder’s financial information is stored, the most important section of the magnetic stripe.

C to M, is used for the ANSI Subcommittee X3B10.

N to Z, is the information that is available for use of individual card issuers.

Here you can see how it looks like:


Let’s go fast and easy:

  • % for Start Sentinel
  • B for Bank Type Credit Card
  • 5XXXXXXXXXXXXXX2 for the Primary Account Number, in most cases this is the number printed on the front of the card, but not always.
  • ^ is the separator
  • GEORGENULL would be the the Holder’s last name
  • / is the separator
  • MAX the first name
  • ^ Again another separator
  • 11 Expiry Year, 03 Expiry Month
  • 101 the Service Code
  • 000000001000000003000000 the Discretionary Data
  • ? is the end.

So, now that you already know how the information is stored in Track 1 and the letter containers, you should already figured out that the Track 1&2 are the vital tracks and the Track 3 is useless. The credit card dumps are mainly the first 2 tracks.


This track is used by the ATM’s , physical payment processors and in any online website.

There are a lot of components in this track, in an easy first time check layout would be:

| Start Sentinel |  PRIMARY ACCOUNT NUMBER  | FIELD SEPARATOR |  Additional Data  | End Sentinel | Longitude Redundancy Check |

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Use Neteller Mastercard on Amazon Digital Content

Use Neteller Mastercard on Amazon Digital Content
Learn how to use Neteller MasterCard on Amazon

Use Neteller Mastercard on Amazon

There is a lot of people that wants to know how to use Neteller MasterCard on amazon since their service is going massive and more popular every month and a lot of people with Amazon accounts wants to know if you can use your NET+ Virtual or Plastic MasterCard on to make purchases without any verification issues.

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Credit Cards Validation with Bin Checking

Credit cards validation with bin checker online

This will explain how to find out a credit or debit card validity with bin checking.

The credit and debit cards are using the Luhn Algorithm where it has to follow some specific values to be completely valid or being spotted as fake combination. For this you have to use a Bin Checker and enter the first 5 numbers from your card and you will be able to see from what bank it belongs, the card level , ISO Country and some other relevant info.

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The Ultimate Carding Tutorial

Ultimate Carding Tutorial
Use this Carding Tutorial to Learn How Carders Steals Your Information

Use this Carding Tutorial to learn how hackers steals your information

With the ultimate Carding Tutorial you are going to understand how a credit card is used by the hackers. When you have never heard about the term “carding” you could think it is about something else, but for the hackers this term means the act of using usable credit cards from other holders. This can be also called a financial data hack.

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Get CVV Number from your Credit Card

 get CVV Number from credit card

How you can get CVV number from your credit card if you have all the rest of the information but you don’t have the security code.

You can try sites to get cvv number that doesn’t verify when you spam the server with too much credit card info attempts.

One of those is PayPal.

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