Pokemon GO Exploit Hacking Tutorial Updated


pokemon go exploit

You always need a good hack for every game. Pokemon Go Exploit Tutorial is going to give you the straight answer on how to catch every Pokemon in a blink of an eye.

Are you looking on a way to catch a lot of Pokemon without messing around with hacks or illegal actions inside the viral game? This Pokemon Go Exploit Tutorial explains how you can catch a lot of creatures by just using your fingers.

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How To DDoS Latest Tools and Methods


how to ddos tutorial

divider image

You always wanted to learn how to DDoS using the latest tools?

We have got this covered.

Distributed Denial of Service is a method or act utilized by a lot of people to protest. Well, that’s the common sense description, though the higher percentage of people uses DDoS just for fun and see how servers goes down. If you want to learn methods on how to DDoS, you should know DDoSing is illegal and nobody is going to defend you when caught.

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Windows Startup Manager and Process Tweaker

Windows Startup Manager Tweaker Tool
Download the Windows Startup Manager Tweaker Tool

Prevent Malware and Virus by using the Windows Startup Manager & Process Tweaker

If you ever thought about an app that allows you to see what Windows runs when loading or even letting you see the hidden processes when your windows loads up this is what you have been looking for all this time, the Windows Startup Manager Tweaker.

Windows OS can be exploited to load plenty of harmful processes and scripts in the loading time. The only problem is you can’t see what is going on in the original and commercial version.

Sometimes for your own sake you have to be sure what is loading in the back, since when the windows finishes loading, every process and script that was hidden is already running and live when you surf the web or use your common daily applications, programs or games.

To avoid unwanted scripts and processes to load up on windows boot you need an application to see exactly what is going on, then let you remove, uninstall or delete the full path script or process.

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Top 50 Most Dangerous RAT Trojans


top rat trojans used by hackers
The World’s Most Dangerous Rat Trojans

Tired of downloading fake or generic Trojans? We have got you the Top RAT Trojans

As any hacker knows Rat Trojans are Remote Access Trojans that simply has the goal to provide you with unlimited access to the target infected points using the victim credentials.

The hacker can enter the private endpoint and literally steal all the important business and personal information stored, this includes the intellectual property. Of course any RAT is illegal and must be used with precaution and testing purposes. Most cyber-criminals use it to automate cyber attacks such as the known Man in the Browser method, that allows the hackers to attack the browser victim sessions. The RAT works with the victim usage, it can not work without the remote user doing what it needs to be done.

With the Advanced Persistent Threat method ( called APT ) the hacker attacks using the RAT to accomplish reconnaissance bypassing the user authentication credentials at the same time it spreads the infection over the system, this is going to leak data in favor of the hacker.

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Unlimited Clash of Clans Gold Gems Hacked


How to get unlimited Clash of Clans Gold Gems Hacked
Method: Get Unlimited Clash of Clans Gold Gems

Get Unlimited Clash of Clans Gold Gems and Coins

Do you play Clash Of Clans and sometimes feels like you need Unlimited Clash of Clans Gold Gems? More and more Gems? Do not worry with this method you are going to get infinite coins!

You can get infinite Clash of Clans Gems and gold coins without spending any single single penny. No need to hack clash of clans, No need to search for Mod clash of clans apk which does not work at all. A hassle free method is served to you get unlimited gems of clash of clans.

As you may know this leak is not going to be public, since such method can’t be everywhere on the web or it will stop working. You have to be sure you are not going to leak the method after downloading it. The main purpose for this is to keep it alive.

As today this still works, if you find it to not working in the future you have to thanks to the leechers.

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Free Spotify MP3 Downloader ID3 Tags

Download the Free Spotify MP3 Downloader
Free Spotify MP3 Downloader with ID3 Tags

You always wanted to find a Free Spotify Mp3 Downloader? We have the solution.

With Spotify on constant grow most users forgot about MP3 Format. But the advantage of having a Free Spotify Mp3 Downloader relies on device playback.

MP3 is the most used music format to date, it happens to be low sized and very easy for playback on any device. With Spotify you have an online database that also needs internet connection to work, with MP3 you don’t need it.

Using MP3 you can also create your own albums with ID3 Tags and pictures to show up on almost every multimedia device created to date. If you want to have the full Discography from any artist you can also do it since MP3 format makes it possible to fit on even the most cheap USB device.

Having Spotify as source for MP3 is really advantageous, that is why they do not offer you to download any track. The Piracy on music scene always existed, but with streaming services people are completely forgetting about having offline unrestricted possibilities.

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Facebook Accounts Hacking Methods

facebook accounts hacking methods
Learn how to avoid threats with facebook accounts hacking methods

Do you know the Facebook Accounts Hacking Methods? Learn and avoid to be hacked.

There is some ways hackers can perform Facebook accounts hacking, in the past it was easier than today. A hacker can choose different ways on how to retrieve your Facebook credentials and get inside your most private information, since FB today is a social network that most of people interacts with family and closer friends, and some others also manages their business.

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