Windows Startup Manager and Process Tweaker

Windows Startup Manager Tweaker Tool
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Prevent Malware and Virus by using the Windows Startup Manager & Process Tweaker

If you ever thought about an app that allows you to see what Windows runs when loading or even letting you see the hidden processes when your windows loads up this is what you have been looking for all this time, the Windows Startup Manager Tweaker.

Windows OS can be exploited to load plenty of harmful processes and scripts in the loading time. The only problem is you can’t see what is going on in the original and commercial version.

Sometimes for your own sake you have to be sure what is loading in the back, since when the windows finishes loading, every process and script that was hidden is already running and live when you surf the web or use your common daily applications, programs or games.

To avoid unwanted scripts and processes to load up on windows boot you need an application to see exactly what is going on, then let you remove, uninstall or delete the full path script or process.

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Top 50 Most Dangerous RAT Trojans


top rat trojans used by hackers
The World’s Most Dangerous Rat Trojans

Tired of downloading fake or generic Trojans? We have got you the Top RAT Trojans

As any hacker knows Rat Trojans are Remote Access Trojans that simply has the goal to provide you with unlimited access to the target infected points using the victim credentials.

The hacker can enter the private endpoint and literally steal all the important business and personal information stored, this includes the intellectual property. Of course any RAT is illegal and must be used with precaution and testing purposes. Most cyber-criminals use it to automate cyber attacks such as the known Man in the Browser method, that allows the hackers to attack the browser victim sessions. The RAT works with the victim usage, it can not work without the remote user doing what it needs to be done.

With the Advanced Persistent Threat method ( called APT ) the hacker attacks using the RAT to accomplish reconnaissance bypassing the user authentication credentials at the same time it spreads the infection over the system, this is going to leak data in favor of the hacker.

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