How To DDoS Latest Tools and Methods


how to ddos tutorial

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You always wanted to learn how to DDoS using the latest tools?

We have got this covered.

Distributed Denial of Service is a method or act utilized by a lot of people to protest. Well, that’s the common sense description, though the higher percentage of people uses DDoS just for fun and see how servers goes down. If you want to learn methods on how to DDoS, you should know DDoSing is illegal and nobody is going to defend you when caught.

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TUTORIAL: Completely Hide Identity to Be Anonymous Surfing 2016

how to hide identity to be anonymous surfing
Learn how to completely hide identity to be anonymous surfing

Learn how to Completely Hide Identity to be Anonymous Surfing in 2016

Hide identity to be anonymous surfing in 2016 is a must do and there are many ways to do it in favor of your privacy and security online.

You can join Anonymous methods that goes from hiding your browser history from the ISP to block people to know your IP.

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Xbox Store Proxy Tutorial


xbox store proxy tutorial hacking xbox one games

Today we are going to explain the Xbox Store Proxy Tutorial. The goal? Being able to redeem game codes that are region locked.

Some Xbox Store digital codes are region locked, meaning you can only redeem those if you are in the right country. Let’s say you have a game code and you try to redeem it on your console, PC or smartphone and it always gives you an error, it can be that the code is wrong, used or because it has got a region lock rule by IP address checking.

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