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Why Playing On HCKLEAKED? Because we pay you to do it.


We offer an exclusive HCKLEAKED Members Rewards to play on the Roulette and coming Slot and Casino games.

When you play on HCKLEAKED casino games you can refer people to register to our website and every registered user you get to play on our games we pay you $ 2 ( USD ) via Bitcoin.

The only mandatory condition is the registered user must play on the games.

Every 1 member you refer to HCKLEAKED and plays our games: $ 2 for you.  And it’s unlimited.

We begin to pay when you have referred 5 active users.

Here’s a probably scenario:

  • 5 refers – $ 10
  • 10 refers – $ 20
  • 20 refers – $ 40
  • 30 refers – $ 60
  • 40 refers – $ 80
  • 50 refers – $ 100

You get the idea.

If this is not the best way you have seen for gambling then tell us who offers something better?

Provably fair

Play with confidence

Providing a fair game is a combination of a provable random number generator (dice) and a verifiable winnings table (deck).

Many Bitcoin games offer a provably fair dice but lack a way to verify the fairness of the deck, which ultimately determines the house edge in many games.

We guarantee that every round played is completely fair. For every round played, you will be given a completely random number which is translated to your final result using a publicly available and verifiable winnings table.

Instead of just taking our word for it, we provide you with the information you can use to verify the results independently.


With these technologies we are proud to offer a provably fair random number generation and verifiable house edge.

100% Guaranteed and Instant Cashouts to your Bitcoin Address. Secured Server by CHAINGAMES.


This is the best Bitcoin Roulette you are going to find on the net. Maximum Payouts and Instant Cashouts.

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