Register for the Basic Membership

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To be able to get the BASIC MEMBERSHIP and download the locked content in every post/page you have to register by just simple non cost banner completion.

How to do that?

  • CLICK ON THIS FIRST BANNER AND COMPLETE WHAT IT ASKS TO DO. It can be just registering an account with the sponsor site.

  • CLICK ON THIS SECOND BANNER AND COMPLETE WHAT IT ASKS TO DO. This landing page can be a bitcoin exchange/faucet. Just register and will be done.

  • CLICK THIS THIRD BANNER AND ALSO COMPLETE WHAT IT ASKS TO DO. Same it can be an extension / app you can uninstall later.


I have already completed the banner tasks. What to do next?

When you have finished / installed what the landing page asked to do, contact us in the following form and your basic membership will be granted to you via E-mail.

All banner landing pages are being monitored. If you don’t complete the banner tasks your membership will be denied.