Learn How To Make Fake Order Receipt

Make Fake Order Receipt Using Html Editor
How To Make a Fake Order Receipt

Need to make fake order receipt to claim to unfair manufacturer? This is how you do it.

This trick shows how you can make fake order receipt using Chrome. We are going to use Amazon as an example, but it can also work with other web browsers using similar options. You will find out how to hack invoice with a simple html editor.

This is not only for Amazon but as well for any retailer that has the option to open your digital invoice. The fake receipt is not to use on Amazon itself, since it wont really have any sense. You should use the fake order receipts for other goals such as dealing with manufacturers, just to name a simple example.

There are a lot of possibilities where a fake order receipt is useful.

The good side? This trick always works and is completely cross platform, multiple languages and you will able to adapt it for other sites.

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